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Famed for banking and academic excellence, Mangalore is home to various educational institutions that offer wide ranging courses of study to those seeking the latest in career opportunities. Shree Devi Education Trust has established itself in this field with an outstanding reputation of providing the best of infrastructure, faculty and provisions for worthwhile academic pursuits that lead to promising careers. With numerous career-oriented courses offered through its various institutions, the Trust provides a meritorious base for those who aspire for quality education.

Shree Devi College of Hotel Management, established in the year 1992, caters to one of the most popular modern career options in the hospitality sector which has seen tremendous growth in recent years.

Today, hospitality is the world’s largest generator of jobs, and in the next ten years this global industry will continue to add another 130 million jobs. The unprecedented growth in hospitality has created a skyrocketing demand for trained manpower in this industry.

Shree Devi College of Hotel Management offers a unique, comprehensive and balanced hotel management program where academic learning is mixed with hands-on work experience at hotel and resort properties.

The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Hospitality Science offered by Shree Devi College of Hotel Management is designed to educate students in the fundamental principles of hospitality education, focusing on professional services and management techniques required by this specialist sector of the services industry.

Moving on from courses centered on professional training in the areas of food and beverage, culinary arts and guest services, Hospitality Science has at present incorporated hotel and restaurant management in its scope of study, through development of its educational philosophy along with business principles.

The course is oriented towards providing a sound base in hands-on management along with concentration on food and beverages operations. Students learn through practical, technique-oriented programmes in the kitchen, service and house-keeping departments. Their involvement in the activities of the Training Restaurant helps the students in practicing the principles learned in the lab and classroom.

With dedicated hospitality professionals and experienced educators, the institution has definitely set a new benchmark in hospitality education. It operates on the philosophy of combining knowledge of management theory and substantial first-hand knowledge of the practical aspects of hospitality, successfully balancing academic learning with hands-on training.

The prestigious ‘National Gold Star Award’ from International Business Council for outstanding achievements.

‘National Udyog Excellence Award’ for pioneering service in the field of hospitality education.
The students of Shree Devi College of Hotel Management have bagged the First Rank in the Mangalore University examination during the past 8 years.

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